Catrice Multicolor Highlighter


I didn’t have a highlighter in my stash yet, so when I saw the Catrice Celtica collection I basically fell in love with that highlighter. It looked pretty and it was cheap, sounded like enough reason to give it a try.SONY DSC

The packaging already looks super cute! It doesn’t look cheap at all, so I think they did a great job on that! Unfortunately I couldn’t make a swatch, because the product is very light and it also doesn’t shimmer a lot so I couldn’t take a good photo of it.


The structure of the powder is pretty good, but I think they could have added a bit more shimmer! Because a highlighter can always use a nice amount of shimmer, not too much of course, but this one just doesn’t have enough! That doesn’t mean that I dislike this product though. I still like it because the quality is pretty good if you realize how cheap it is. But I hope that next time they’ll do a better job, because it could end up being a new favorite if it would have just a little more shimmer! If you’re looking for a budget highlight with a slight shimmer than you should totally buy this product, but if you want something that has just that beautiful shimmer, that a highlighter should have than I wouldn’t suggest this product!

As you see it’s a bit complicated to tell you guys if I would suggest it or not, because I personally love highlighters a lot, so I would normally pick one that’s a bit more visible to give you that natural glow, but because this product was so cheap I just had to give it a try!


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I'm Iris, a 19 year old girl from The Netherlands. I blog about everything that's random, fabulous, girly and a little creepy. So if that's what you love, than this blog is all you need!

2 responses to “Catrice Multicolor Highlighter”

  1. Kelly FlatEleven says :

    I used to own a highlighter, but for some reason have lost it during a move or two. So I’m looking for another at the moment. Thanks for your honest review of this, I’d probably go with something a little more shimmery too! xo


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